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Something to think about.

I was told many a times, that I could be what I wanted to be. I had been given the power of free will. The power that drives humanity. But, what is it that keeps us going? There's a fine line between the two. What is that thing we are trying to achieve? What is our end result? I seem to have stumbled upon the answer - Happiness. Happiness is a very diverse feeling. Love and joy come under the same category and for some before us, war and violence do too. Everyone on this planet is capable of feeling it. The thing is, some of 'us' (I use that term very loosely) don't want to or just refuse to even try. Look at a dog's life. What is the world to it? He/she has no end purpose. It does it's best to enjoy every moment it has on this planet, and makes sure you do to (or at least, does his/her level best).

I had gone to a friend's party and as usual, when the gang is together, the gang fools around a lot. We decided to go for a walk at 2 am, which is when all the sane people are sleeping. This walk would have me thinking for the next 3 days, on a trip to HYD. We talked about a lot of things then. It was a very interesting conversation. But, what I took away from it was how one of us looked at the world and how it works. He decided to explain life from his perspective. I quote (sorta),

"I love feeling happy. It's what most of humanity lives for. But something that most people don't realize is, how short lived that period of happiness can be. No one on the face of this planet has lived or can live a life of no struggle. I've gone through numerous short lived periods of happiness and fallen into depression straight after. Now, the only emotions i choose to feel are anger and rage. Very similar to what you experience when you are happy, but they are a lot easier to channel. Love and happiness are short lived. I enjoyed that period while it lasted, and choose never to feel again because of what happened to me right after."

I pondered on these words of his for 3 long days in HYD, lost in thought. I realized, that he isn't one bit wrong. So, just like that, I've decided to enjoy every second of the time I have here and cherish those fleeting moments of happiness. It's a lesson we all learn eventually, and when you do realize, remember this :

You have been granted the greatest superpower of all, free will. YOU need to decide, to either accept the bitter truth or to ignore what's in front of you and live in a dream world.

For some of us, there is also a third option. To fight. It's what we're best at. It's what all of humanity does for one reason, to stay happy. 


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