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Something to think about III

“Life could be a lot worse, you know?” – This we’ve heard countless times and I’d like to think that the majority of us have now reached a point where the next time we hear that we do one of three things: Laugh it off and agree. Change topic immediately. Or (my personal favourite) use the highest degree of profanity simply to ask the speaker to make themselves scarce. What we don’t realize is, “Life could be a lot better too.” I’m not going to ask you to stop using drugs. I’m not going to ask you to look at the bright side, ‘cause maybe you don’t have one or your vision’s too blurred to see anything else. What I am going to ask you to do is laugh it off. Smile even if you don’t want to. Enjoy the day even if all you want to do is cry. Let go of yourself simply because you can. Put yourself right on top on that list of people you care about. Forget everything and fake being happy. I could give you numbers and tell you that “case studies have shown that yada yada yada…” But think about it.…